Father Involvement In Parenting: What We Know And What We Need To Know

Father Involvement in Parenting: What We Know and What We Need to Know

By James Brown. Over the last few decades, Western societal views on fatherhood have shifted from favoring a more emotionally detached, authoritarian figure, to one whose role is more involved in the nurturing of children. Society now expects the modern father to be more caring and emotionally available to his children.

This is reflected in the attitudes of an increasing number of fathers, who report the desire to be more involved in the lives of their children and reject the idea of being relegated to the traditional role of provider only. Men want to spend more time with their children, and are looking to share the responsibility of child-rearing more equally with mothers. Common activities that today’s fathers often reported engaging in with their children include care giving, play or social activities, guidance or teaching, and emotional support. Read more <http://onthemarc.org/blogs/22/500#.WUkfymgrLcs>