Get back to process

One of my supervisors, Aileen, was always good at reminding me to ‘get back to process’ whenever I got lost in the content of my clients. A common mistake for many of us who work with people presenting with very troubled and traumatic stories is to get lost in the content of their stories. It is difficult to balance being empathically present, while maintaining what many call a ‘clinical distance’. However, Aileen is right – it’s our process that can enable us to do this…read more here

Overcome your blind spots by developing business acumen

The experience of many is that running a private practice is more challenging than anticipated, with a steep learning curve. To paraphrase Donald Rumsfield, there are many known unknowns, and even unknown unknowns, more commonly known as blind spots…I suggest to those I supervise or mentor the need to develop business acumen…read more here

Self-care is essential for psychologists.

According to Esalen’s Law, we always teach others what we need to learn most ourselves[1]. As a profession, psychologists offer tremendous expertise in the area of self-care, and in clinical settings often spend considerable time counselling clients on the need to engage in better self-care strategies. Yet, ironically, it has been shown that psychologists equally suffer from life’s maladies similarly to other well educated professionals. We can show others care and compassion, while at the same time be neglectful of our own well-being….read more here

An impossible profession

There are many dreaded conversations at dinner parties for psychologists. Sometimes when I meet new people at social outings I tell them I am Lecturer, but this doesn’t always work. The inevitable is that they will learn that I am a psychologist, and then a number of predictable responses follow. ‘So do you read minds?’ or ‘Don’t psychoanalyse me’ are often said in jest. Other responses are requests for help for ‘a friend’ or just straight-out impromptu counselling sessions regarding current relationship difficulties. One response however has always stumped me. I remember one time in particular I found it hard to respond. It sounded something like ‘wow, how do you do your job, it must be so hard … read more here

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