Imagine both parents sharing the care of children while on paternity leave.

Well, if you live in Sweeden there is no need to imagine, it is a reality.

Swedish parents enjoy one of the most generous paid parental schemes in the world, with parents able to take up to 480 days of leave paid for by the government. Parents are able to share these days, however fathers must take at least 60 of those days.

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Surprisingly, many fathers are choosing to not share this leave scheme equally with their partners, with some barriers still needing to be broken down. However, those fathers who are taking up this opportunity are great supporters of this wonderful initiative.

This blog is one father’s effort to portray through a series photographs the experiences of Sweedish fathers enjoying the opportinity to participate in this scheme and share the care of their children. I really enjoyed this blog and photos, and hope you do to.

Well done to these wonderful fathers, and many like them, who are showing a desire for a more egalitarian approach to parenting. Once gain, Scandanavia is leading the way!

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